artz ni sharz

Shar | 25 | Illustrator | Philippines


artz ni sharz

Shar | 25 | Illustrator | Philippines

Hello there! Im Shar! A 25-year old digital artist from the Philippines. A furparent and a night owl who loves to draw random illustrations.The dream to be a book illustrator inspires me to continually develop my skills as a digital artist.

artz ni sharz


Hi! If you plan on commissioning me, it would be best if you check out the prices and read the terms and conditions first :)

artz ni sharz

Terms and Conditions

  • I have the right to decline a commission.

  • The art style is fixed.

  • Reference is highly encouraged.

  • Up to two (2) revisions only. Major revisions will be charged.

  • It may take one to four weeks to finish the artwork depending on the complexity.

  • For PERSONAL USE only. Please tell me if you plan on commissioning me for commercial works.

  • I am allowed to post the commissioned piece on my social media accounts and my portfolio, please tell me beforehand if you want the commission piece to be kept in private.


  • Downpayment of 50% must be paid before the draft. The remaining balance must be paid before I send the finished work.

  • Simply no backing out once I start working

  • All payments are non-refundable.

  • Clients may pay thru Gcash and Paypal.

Will do:

  • Will do people, Fanarts, and your OC's

  • Will definitely not do furries, gore, and NSFW.

artz ni sharz

Commission Rates

artz ni sharz

Style 1: Marites' Samples

Style 2: Jhemerlyn's Samples


for orders...

You may send the order form on my email, [email protected]
or simply slide a DM on my social media accs :)

Order form shall include the following:Title/Subject: Commission RequestORDER'S INFORMATIONEmail:
Style: (example: Marites)
Size: (bust/waist up/full body)
Details: descriptions of your commission
Mode of Payment: (Paypal, Gcash)
Reference: provide picture/s